Friday, July 15, 2011

Panzer III MG

My Roco HO Panzer III project begins by stripping down the tank to it's parts.

You can see the tab of flash at the underside rear by the fender. All the flash has to be trimmed off. For a tank model that's 45 years old, these kits are pretty flash free.

Re-construction starts with the application of glue to the hull and replacement of the tracks to each side.

Three points of glue to the hull. The spare road wheels need a drop of glue to hold them on the top of the deck.

The wire is pre-cut into short lengths about 1/4 inch. Wire is stuck into a bit of clay and a bead is dropped onto each wire.

Roco makes the M with the long 5.0 cm barrel and the N with the short barrel 7.5 cm too. Once the bow machine gun has been placed on the front the model looks much improved.


ccm2361 said...

Nice work!

that Mk III looks a lot better with a bow machinegun

Bunkermeister said...