Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Panzer III Bits

Since the Germans had thousands of Panzer III they experimented with ways of upgrading them.

A better suspension was on thing they worked on for a long time.

An interleaved suspension was favored by the Germans for the smooth ride and good ground pressure. They made several with this type of suspension but they did not see production.

The few vehicles with this type of suspension were used in training infantrymen in methods of dsestroying tanks in close combat.

I suspect, but can't verify that they served with a school unit at the end of the war as the war came to the school. I used an Eadai / Grip / Arii halftrack suspension that was sitting in the spares box for the conversion. I used the bead technique for the bow machine gun. I cut off the spare roadwheels and covered the space with a jack on one side and a Jerry can on the other side. I am low on spare wheels and even out of tracks in the junk vehicles so this gives me a new vehicle out of the spares box, for free!


Steven said...

Those are sharp looking Panzer models. I have never seen the Tiger suspension added to a III. Looks neat and intimidating!


Karcuss said...

The Lynx and panzer II Ausf E from 'D' but all the same Animal in very small numbers

all had this Suspension system

The PZ II e was earmarked in 1942 for the Invasion of Malta

nice work Bunker

cheers karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

It's actually an SdKfz suspension. They used a special form of interleaved suspension for the Panzer III that was very similar, for wargaming this is close enough.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Karcuss.