Thursday, July 21, 2011

Panzer III Bits

The HO 1/87th scale plastic Roco Panzer III, with upgraded bow machine gun and barrel on rear corner.

Heres another one, this time with a little bundle on the front fender.

Fanta was the preferred soft drink for the Panzer Divisions. Coca-Cola syrup could not be obtained once the Germans were at war with the USA. Fanta was made with fruit juices using any kind of fruit they could get, so they had lots of flavers. This crew has a whole case of them.

The rolled up tarp is a common sight on tanks. Camoflague, tenting, are just a few uses for such materials.

An entire platoon of Roco Panzer IIIs. Each one has the upgraded machine gun and at least one extra bit of cargo to make it more personalized. I like to individualize many of my vehicles because in war the crews often pick up lots of little bits and pieces.


Bob G. said...

God, I remember when if we wanted to hang some stuff on these tanks, we had to SCRATCH-BUILD them...balsa and rolled up paper towel with thread "rope" and some paint (for a nazi flag) on the rear deck...
(and LOTS of jerry cans - the mileage on these boats

I did that with an old STuG from RoCo.
I can't even find the HATCH for it now.
ANn I can't get a replacement assault gun anywhere for a DECENT price.

Well done with yours.

Carry on.

Bunkermeister said...

I remember those days too.