Friday, April 29, 2011

Whats On Mikes' Workbench?

I am working on the Esci 1/72nd scale hard plastic Afrika Korps set. It includes an 81mm mortar. I am also working on various other hard plastic WWII Germans from the spares bin.

Here are most of the mortars. I am mounting them on sheet styrene so they are sturdier for wargaming.

Some of these mortars have seen a lot of combat and are in bad shape. Others are brand new out of the bag. Here at the top is one glued to the styrene.

Notice the small bits of plastic sheet with boots glued to them. This is for the unit cobbler.

Some generic WWII Germans impressed into mortar crew duty.


kingsleypark said...

Wow! That's a lot of mortars!

CarloAntonio said...

You have much work to do! Good work!:-)

Paul´s Bods said...

That´s one hell of a lot of mortars!!! What rules do you use for gaming??

Karcuss said...

Nice work

But The Napoleonic Guys

(top Picture) are they YKROEL?

Cheers Karcuss

Karcuss said...

And Paul it is only Seven Platoons worth of Mortars, They won't even make a dent in Bunkers attacking
forces. I assume they will be used against his russians as well

(Picture's next week i assume)


Bunkermeister said...

Yes, British Napoleonic guys are Ykreol, the only ones in my collection. I got a couple by a round about way and liked the command set. Not sure how I will use them, maybe Mexicans at the Alamo.

Bob G. said...

Good lord, you put the local National Guard to SHAME!

You must be TWINS to find so much cool

Carry on.

Bunkermeister said...

If I were twins I would have the other one paint it all!