Thursday, April 21, 2011

SU Inf

The Plastic Soldier Company hard plastic 1/72nd scale WWII Soviet Infantry.

The figures were just shy of $19 and in California with sales tax, over $20, but there are 57 troops per box.

Three of the troops, the man with the LMG has a separate arm.

I like the minor variations like the helmet and soft cap seen here or the different weapons.

Female soldier, medic and grenade thrower. Grenade guy looks a bit awkward, still good troops with great detail.


Monty said...

Bought some myself at Salute 2011 in London to take on the Germans I already have.I think they are really good value (and they paint up great too),there are T34s just released, along with support weapons :)

ccm2361 said...

Those look good!

Bunkermeister said...

They are very nice, thanks for reading Monty.

Bunkermeister said...

ccm3261 they fit together very well too.