Friday, April 15, 2011


Streletes*R makes these WWI German Stormtroopers in 1/72nd scale soft plastic. The guy on the left has the early grenade, the Boris and Natasha bomb! The other guy has the German machine gun converted to an almost light machine gun. If you can have a water cooled light machine gun!

Sharpen the edge of the shovel and it makes a wicked cutting tool. The mace is back again too.

The two handed grip on the broom handle Mauser pistol insures a hit.

Man on the left is from the Caesar WWI Stormtrooper set. The Caeser figures are more elegant but the Strelets are more evocative of gritty trench warfare.

Caesar grenade thrower with Strelets grenade thrower.


Biff Tanner said...

Strelets grenade throwers look cool.

Bunkermeister said...

Strelets style is all their own, but it is good.