Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company

As these instructions imply, these figures are easy to assemble but many are one piece figures and don't need any assembly.

Plastic Soldier Company makes these hard plastic WWII Russians. The box art is great and has nothing to do with the contents of the box. There is no heavy machine gun, there are no dead Germans or Russians, and the officer does not have a PPSH SMG.

Their website is very good and they have a big window in the back of the box so you can see many of the figures before you buy, I like this packaging.

Figures are molded in light color gray plastic. No flash and the attachment points to the sprue are very small is it's easy to put these guys to work right away.

Like their 1/72nd scale Germans some of the poses are a bit stiff, but none are bad. The helmets and heads are a bit big for my taste, more on that later. They fit perfectly and will soon be joined by Russians with heavy weapons. The Germans are their second set and it's obvious they are learning as the Germans are better than the Russians, but the Russians are very good. The style is a little chunky so they won't look good with Pegasus, but should look okay with Esci/ Italeri, especially the newer Italeri sets which are also chunky.


CarloAntonio said...

Yes !! Nice look . I like this manufacturer ! I bought "Late War German Infantry. An excellent set

Bunkermeister said...

Those are nice too. I look forward to more Germans and maybe Americans too.