Thursday, March 10, 2011

West Coaster

There was a display at the hobby show of circus wagons in about 54mm.

An excellent display of Chinese figures in 54mm.

1/32nd scale set of 15 saints of the church. We don't get enough religious figures in 1/72nd scale.

This was a large size model of a German AT gun. Lots of WWII German stuff at the show.

Brewer Brothers did a wargame demonstration of Guadalcanal and it included land, sea and air forces. Very good terrain and vehicles.


EY said...

Was the religious set really in 1/72? Who was the manufacturer?

Bunkermeister said...

EY, no, they were about 54mm. I modified the post to make that clearer. I was lamenting the lack of 1/72nd scale religious figures. Strelets often includes one in many of their sets from the Horse and Musket era. Imex makes a few and so does Zvezda.

Thanks for reading EY.