Friday, March 4, 2011

San Pablo

The Sand Pebbles is a movie about American gunboats in China during the Interwar period.

This is a 1/32nd scale model of the San Pablo the gunboat from the movie.

It shows Marines and Sailors ready to repel boarders.

It is a custom built model and very well done, to include a motor launch and sanpan.

I really liked this ship and would love one in 1/72nd scale. Actually the US operated several of these including the Panay. They were withdrawn to the Philippines at the start of the Second World War.


Karcuss said...

that would the ones that weren't involved in the various incidents ("INCIDENTS") from the Japanese invasion of China
1930s all good reading etc and of Course the 'Sand Pebbles' as said
all good Pulp Wargaming

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

The Panay was sunk by the Japanese in an unprovoked air attack. The Emperor apologized and they paid the US some money.

mutantpoo said...

Holman, Come Down !

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Holman, Come Down !!!!!!!!!!

Bob G. said...

That is definitely COOL!

Carry on.