Monday, March 21, 2011

West Coaster, MPC Finds

Just like the Army, hurry up and wait. MPC ring hand figures I picked up at the West Coaster show.

Often specialized uniforms when worn out of context just look funny. As a rescue worker he looks just right in the red fatigure uniform.

Standard MPC GI, in the classic ring hand pose.

This guy always reminded me of a scientist, and the military / industrial complex certainly uses plenty of scientific know-how to make new weapons.

While I think this guy may have started life as a cowboy with those tall boots, he looks pretty good as an Air Force Officer in light blue.


Biff Tanner said...

Looks like great fun.

Bob G. said...

I still have some of the ring-hands, but I can't fins ANY of either the MARX .45 pistols or rifles OR the MPC grease guns.
(at least not at less than prohibitive pricing)
And do you remember that PT boat they (MPC) made...I used to have TWO of them...wish I had them NOW!

Really cool stuff there.

Carry on.