Thursday, March 24, 2011

West Coaster, MPC Finds

This guy has a congenital defect of no face, but that just makes him extra special.

A couple troops with pistol belts.

Pistol belt and body armor. A bit of flash on some of the troops but nothing that can't be trimmed off.

I got a pretty good selection of MPC Army troops at the show and a few accessories.

The MPC ring hand soldiers are pretty good as soldiers if you can get enough weapons. I used to use round toothpicks as rifles. I often used them as artillery crews too.


Biff Tanner said...

That's a good idea

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Biff. Marx used to make American small arms too and I used these guys with those weapons also. Check out some of the older posts for more 60mm adventures.