Monday, February 21, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company vs Matchbox

The style of the new Plastic Soldier Company reminded me of the old Matchbox figures in 1/76th scale. Here is there standing rifleman side by side. PSC is hard plastic 1/72nd scale and the Matchbox guy is 1/76th scale soft plastic.

Here are their kneeling riflemen. While not the same obviously, they do look similar to me.

They both have the oval base, they are actually looking down the sights of their rifle, and they have good surface detail and are a bit flat.

The figures barely overhang the base and the arms are close to the body.

Both sets were made in the UK. Apart from their small size the old Matchbox hold up pretty well even after 20 years.


Bob G. said...

Don't remember the Matchbox figures, but it would appear that similar molds were used for both (scale obviously changed up).

The stature of the figures is a very good representation of actual poses, although the PSC figures look a bit better overall.

Carry on.

Monty said...

Think the Matchbox postures edge it (especially the standing rifleman's supporting hand), but the overall detail on the PSC is excellent; will definately get some of these...

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are up-scaled in any way as the detail is different on both ranges. It's more likely that equipment was worn in set positions and the men were trained to shoot in particular stances too... just like today.

Bunkermeister said...

The Matchbox and Plastic Soldier Company figures are totally different figures, but the style is the same. They look like they may have been done by the same sculptor or by someone inspired by him.

Karcuss said...

Matchbox are were 1/76 so smaller than 1/72

if Revell decides to redo maybe the Anzacs and Japanese or any

WW2 British, German , U.S, Japanese, Anzacs, 8th Army and Africa Korps
British Commandoes and Modern Nato Paras which are Brit paras circa the Falklands

Bunkermeister said...

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