Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick & Simple Wargame Rules for Everything

Quick and simple wargame rules for everything.

You need a six sided die, and a coin and figures and vehicles to play this game.

They work for 1/72nd scale up to 60 mm size figures.

Measure the distance from the shooter to the target. Determine the chance to hit.

If the target is hit, check for cover. If the target is protected by cover, nothing happens.

If the target is not protected by cover, remove it from play.

All pistols and throwing spears, fire only short range, they fire at one target per turn.

All submachine guns and assault weapons and arrows fire up to medium range, two targets per turn for submachine guns and assault weapons, one for bow and arrow.

All light tank guns, and rifle caliber weapons fire up to long range, one target for rifles and three per machine gun.

All medium tank guns fire at very long range

All heavy tank guns and artillery fire at extreme range

Tanks destroy their own kind and smaller. Medium tanks destroy medium and light tanks but not heavy tanks. Only heavy tanks can destroy heavy tanks. Hits on larger tanks will knock off a track and stop them but they can still shoot.

Short range is the distance of your index finger, hits on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Medium range is the distance of your index finger to your wrist, hits on 1, 2, 3, 4

Long range is the distance of your index finger to your elbow, hits on 1, 2, 3

Very long range is the distance of your whole arm, hits on 1, 2

Extreme range is the distance of your fingertip to the armpit on the other side of your body, hits on 1

Artillery fires at extreme range and hits the target on a 1, 2, or 3. Light destroys light tanks or two figures within short range, medium guns destroy medium tanks or three figures and heavy guns destroy heavy tanks or three figures.

Troops and horse drawn wagons move short range, tracked vehicles and cavalry horses move medium range, wheeled motorized vehicles move long range.

Both sides move all their troops and vehicles at the same time. If you want to move into the same space, stop facing each other in contact with one another halfway between your starting points. If troops are in physical contact, each player rolls a die and the high number wins, both die if there is a tie. Player with a sword gets a +2 to his roll. Player with armor gets a -2 subtracted from his opponents roll.

Each side takes in turn firing one weapon back and forth until all firing is resolved.

Shooters must be able to draw a line between them and their target in order to fire. To determine if a soldier or vehicle is behind cover, look at the miniature, if it is touching or next to a wall, building rocks or other cover the top half is protected. If a target that is behind cover is hit, flip the coin. Heads the target was hit in the head, tails, the shot hit the lower area which was protected by cover and is therefore considered a miss.

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