Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company

Plastic Soldier Late War Germans.

These are 1/72nd scale hard plastic soldiers, with no flash.

They are attached to the sprue with only a small tab holding the figures on the sprue making removal from the spure very easy.

The set has three identical sprues. This is one of two machine gun poses. The arm with the mg is separate and glues easily.

Standing rifleman pose. The soldiers wear the late war low boots. Great figures, the same set is supposed to be made in 15mm and 28mm too.


Mojo said...

The proportions are a little bit odd in my opinion. The upper body looks short and bulky.
The right arm of the rifleman looks like a hose attached to the shoulder.
And who would grab his rifle like this(left hand)?
Its not only a pretty uncomfortable position, the soldier would also not be able to take aim properly ;)
Too bad, I really liked the first pictures of this set as they came up.

Thanks for sharing, Bunkermeister!


Bunkermeister said...

They have their own style. These are their first couple sets. I aniticpate they will get better.

He is shooting from his right shoulder.