Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spanish Troops

BUM have been releasing a number of new sets recently and this is the most recent. It is Spanish figures for the Rif War and for the Spanish Civil War, Nationalists. They are about 22mm tall, so a bit on the short side compared to many companies more recent releases. They have some flash, but the figures themselves are very animated and have interesting poses.

There is a man standing firing a pistol, next to him is a man in a similar pose, pointing with a stick. There has been some speculation that this guy may represent Francisco Franco.

This is a pre-production sprue that I got from my secret back channels. I hope the production sets have a bit less flash, particularly on the heavy machine gun. The HMG has a nice firing pose and a really good loader. The loader has the ammo belt and his opening the top of the ammo box. Six of the poses are wearing German style steel helmets and the others wear a variety of Spanish headgear. Most of the troops have bolt action rifles with two ammo pouches in the front with various other pouches to the rear.

The bugler is quite the action pose with rifle outstretched and the standard bearer with the furled flag with halberd type top is interesting too. These troops will probably go to my WWII German Blue Division. Actually, they will go to my Unit Escerra which was in Berlin at the end, they were Spanish troops who stayed with the Germans after the Blue Division went home and a few Spanish soldiers who left Spain after that to join the German Army.

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