Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mars Exploration

One of games I like to play is science fiction wargames. Some kind of space creatures attack, the aliens moving their war machines down the street, or astronauts find some terrible thing on another planet. Several nations have sent various probes to other planets and I would expect that they would be visited by astronauts when we get there to check out the effects of time on the machines.

The Airfix 1/72nd scale US Astronaut figure in this photo is standing by the Viking Lander from World Space Museum. They make a number of small scale space toys that are highly detailed and some of them are actually the right size for 1/72nd scale use, like this one.

This model is right out of the box, fully assembled and painted and ready to go explore. I took a couple photos with the little base that comes with the kit. It shows the digging arm extended and taking a soil sample. So I then took it outside and placed it in real soil and took a couple photos. I think they turned out looking pretty good. The model is highly detailed and seems to be just about 1/72nd scale. There are even little American flags on the lander, not bad for $10.

The small diorama base is very well detailed and the lander sits on three small indentations. As you can see it scales nicely with the astronaut figure. Even I don't require a huge fleet of these, but I will probably get a second one, just in case the Martians get this one.

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