Saturday, June 7, 2008

Soviet Naval Infantry and River Monitors

In World War Two the Soviet Union operated river monitors to patrol the many inland waterways of their nation. I made these two models out of wood and Roco Minitank parts about ten years ago.

At last I finally got a crew for them. The Pegasus Soviet Naval Infantry set. Shown here is the 82mm mortar with two man crew. The mortar can be assembled without a base but I prefer to mount crew served weapons on a little plastic stand for more wargame durability.

The Naval Infantry set has two sprues of figures and two sprues of mostly arms with weapons. There are 16 poses and apart from the prone guys they all have bases. Set includes a nice selection of weapons including two prone and advancing light machine gunners and a two light mortars. There are also two officers waving. All the sailors are wearing caps and square rig. and with weapons swaps could probably work for any navy of WWII.

There is also the dead guy. Larry Pegasus knows how much I loathe dead, and wounded guys and so he calls them the "sleeping" guys. They are not dead, they are just sleeping. They are ambush guys, playing possum ready to spring up and attack. Yeah, right Larry.

Soviet Naval Infantry were there at Stalingrad, Sevastopol, and all along the Black Sea and Northern waters too. They conducted commando style raids along the coasts and fought as infantry too. A few head swaps with more traditional Soviet infantry will make twice as many Soviet Naval Infantry because they looked more and more like regular army soldiers as the war went on. They also fought in the East against Japan and they looked like Sailors again as they were new units from the Siberian Fleet area.

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