Saturday, June 21, 2008


The Bunkers video collection is being moved onto new shelving so that I can better access them. Video is an essential element of miniature wargames. Many times I have watched a movie and been inspired to begin or reinvigorate a battle, or war in miniature. Watching 55 Days at Peking made me want to wargame the Boxer Rebellion. I can't see The Longest Day, or Saving Private Ryan without wanting to buy more landing craft.

Many movies have no real historical accuracy, but can still provide valuable information. The John Wayne Alamo has very little historical accuracy when it comes to the specifics of the actions of the Mexican Army and the Texan Defenders. It does have excellent explanations of why the Texan fought and very good sets and uniforms. So go out and buy a war movie. A few essential ones in addition to the ones already mentioned:

Winter War, Soviet Union vs Finland in WWII
Battleground, US Army paratroopers in the Battle of the Bulge
Downfall, Hitler and the Bunker and Battle of Berlin
Red Badge of Courage, Audie Murphy version, American Civil War
They Were Expendable, Bataan and PT boats, WWII
Khartoum, Siege, British colonial
Earth vs the Flying Saucers, classic sci fi invaders vs Army

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