Thursday, June 5, 2008

HaT First World War French

Got a pack of the First World War French Infantry (early) from HaT in 1/72nd scale. They are really nice. The 96 pieces include four Hotchkiss machine guns and tripods. The two man crew is a seated gunner and a kneeling loader. The tripods on mine were a bit warped, but since they go underneath the gunner, it does not matter.

There are four identical sprues, in light blue plastic that is glueable. The figures had no flash and were all perfect. The set includes a bugler, officer with sword pose and an old officer with a cane. The TV show Combat! had an episode with an elderly French General who wanted to help the Americans. The officer with a cane looks very much like that character and one of those will be placed with my WWII Americans!

The French often trained American troops in WWII, so another one of these old French officers will serve with my WWI Americans too. The HaT US Army WWI set includes four tripod mounted heavy weapons in it. One of them is a 37mm one pounder cannon. This is a French weapon. I plan on taking a few of them and giving them to my French set. This will give the French some additional firepower.

Pick up a few of these, I plan on getting more of them.

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