Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Poll is Dead

My recent polling data suggests that by an overwhelming margin our 1/72nd scale figure buyers like the dead and wounded figures in their plastic figures sets. I hate those figures as I consider each dead or wounded guy to be a waste of sprue space. Each sprue only has a limited amount of space and each figure costs the same, live or dead. Recently, with the new glueable plastics I have come to see some new value in the dead or wounded.

One of our contributors from Brazil has already showed some great ways to resurrect the dead and make them into useful living soldiers. With the new glueable plastics I am making more figures using either the dead guy as the basis or as the donor for new parts. Pegasus and Imex have helped with this to some degree by making their dead with details on the top and bottom sides. It gives more use for these figures in conversions.

So it looks like dead guys are here to stay, and I better get used to them.

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