Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Future That Never Happened

More SWS halftrack pictures for history that never was, thanks Wayne for the photos.

The halftracks have been weathered and the infantry painted up.

The infantry are mounted on a bit of plastic so they can all be removed. They are cut in half so they only work as vehicle passengers, but it is a very effective technique.

The is a Roco Tiger II. If you are like me your collection probably contains more than the German army actually had at one time in one place. Not a bad old kit but you can really only use so many. I got this one from a friend, in fact the photos are his too.

Essentially he has taken the Roco turret off and replaced it with a Roco Panther turret. There was a proposal to use a smaller turret and bigger gun on the Tiger II and this is a model of that vehicle. Take a bit of tubing to replace the gun tube, and glue it to the mantle. Replace the turret front of the old Roco Panther turret with a bit of flat styrene plastic. This makes for a great vehicle to support those updated SWS APCs and works well for those WWII 1946 games.


m60a3tanker said...

A unique Tiger conversion. I knew of the "small" turret for the Panther, but not the Tiger. What gun was it to have had?

Bunkermeister said...

I think it was supposed to have a longer 88mm, but I don't have my book handy. The Germans were constantly looking for ways to upgrade the firepower of their tanks.