Saturday, October 1, 2022


These sets were exclusive to Dollar General Stores.
Apparently Doorables are some big deal toy I never heard of.
They looked like 1/72nd scale cartoon houses.
And there are four of them.
They seemed a good fit for my Disneyland, as part of Toon Town.
So I went about looking for them at my local Dollar General Stores.  Their national headquarters is here in Kentucky, not far from my house so there are a lot of their stores around here.
I visited about five of them and was able to find three of the four sets.
Inside each set is a little building that will clip side to side, or above or below other buildings in the series, and a little box inside the package.  There is also a third piece that is part of the architecture that plugs into the side.
The little box holds a secret figure that corresponds to the cartoon that the building appears in, there are several characters and variations of characters.  It seems collecting them is a big deal.  I just wanted the building and so any usable figure would be a bonus.  Is it worthwhile?  I will post the photos when I open it.


Simon said...

There are nor pictures.

Tiberian general said...

Still no photos showing.