Tuesday, October 4, 2022


It snows about three or four days per year here in Kentucky where I live.  This table is a wire covered table so there is no solid surface.  It's a good table to have because it is very difficult for strong gusts of wind to blow it over.  It does not accumulate snow well.  So when I read there is snow coming, I put a couple panels of wood or plastic on top of the table so it will be snow covered.  I like to take a few photos of the troops in the snow and it is easier to take the photos on a table than on the ground, unless I am doing a large set up.
My blog photos are sometimes taken as much as eight months ahead of their appearance on the blog, and this one is no exception.  I keep a backlog of photos and of blog posts so I don't miss a day even if I am too busy to post or run out of photos.

Another view outside my basement.  Photo taken at night, with about four inches, 100 cm of snow on the ground.  So when you see photos of snow on my blog, they are nearly always real snow.  If it's fake, it will be obvious because I simply used a white bed sheet, which is a poor substitute for real snow.  

Also the photos that I post are the photos I have taking using real materials and real miniatures.  While I nearly always crop them to bring what I want you to see into the center of the photo, and I sometimes correct for too much or too little contrast, I don't photo shop anything, my photos are pretty basic.  Unless I am at a museum all the vehicles, troops, planes, and stuff in the photos are almost always part of my personal collection that I have built up for the past 60+ years.


Simon said...

Again no pictures appear on your blog, including the header.

Tiberian general said...

Still no photos showing on your blog.