Friday, July 5, 2019

Machine Guns and Horse Cavalry

Every now and then I buy a model and it comes with a few styrene plastic troops.

Or I buy a collection and it has a few styrene troops in it.

Or I buy a set of styrene troops.

Then every few years all those miscellaneous troops and bits and bobs get collected for a little work.

I pull out the sheet styrene and make bases for them, sometimes I add an oil drum or other items to make unique troops.

This horse is from the Hasagawa 1/72nd scale Stuart tank kit.  I cut the lower half of the rider off and add the upper half of some other troops and I get some WWII US Army horse cavalry.  In Italy and France the US made a few ad hoc horse cavalry units.  Most just picked up a German horse for a few days, but others were actual units.  There were still lots of real cowboys in the Army in those days.

The soldier with his back to use is holding a pair of binoculars.  I add a carbine and an ammo can and now he is the third man in a three man machine gun team.  I my rules set a three man machine gun team can fire indirect fire, something machine guns can do with a little preparation.

I give my loaders a weapon, in my wargame rules crewmen get a pistol, but can use a secondary weapon if it's mounted on their person or on their base.  This way if the enemy destroys the MG these guys can still fight.


Bob G. said...

You never cease to amaze me with all that you find...and in various scales.
Adding weapons and modifying the soldiers...very cool (and applicable.
Yes, that Hasegawa Stuart tank kit is a great little model.Same goes for the M24 Chaffee tank.
Best kits in that scale anywhere (imho)

Carry on.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Hello G, as long as you are amazed, my work is done.