Tuesday, July 16, 2019

M1 Helmet with Puttees

I am removing the heads of some World War One British Infantry and that has left me with some headless figures.

The heads are being glued onto Airfix World War One American Infantry.  The US Army wore that kind of visor had in the Interwar years and I am making some of those Interwar troops using the British heads and American bodies.  I am also using some WWII hard plastic American bodies to receive the Airfix World War One American Infantry.

Those World War Two American heads then got glued onto the Airfix WWI British Infantry.

I am not actually sure what that makes these guys.

They do look a little like early Cold War Portuguese troops. 

Puttees on the legs and M1 helmets on their heads.

I suspect there may be a US State Guard unit that wore such a uniform and helmet.

But so far, no actual evidence of that, yet.

I have done a few more than a dozen of them, so far. 


Rob Young said...

If not totally accurate - Hollywood Americans? Don't need to be accurate, you use stuff from previous films to save money. Or, of course, the other one is 'Get a life - they're toys'

I'm quite happy to use either, whichever one is most appropriate. Or both.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

So far I have found that post-WWII Portugal used the M1 helmet and puttees, but they were not high on my list of armies I need to deploy. Thanks for reading Rob Young and for the suggestions.

tsold3000 said...

an imagine-nation is born. Bogustonia.

Don M said...

Actually they make great WWII Chinese troops

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

WWII Chinese and Portuguese seem to be the best bet. Bogustonia, I like it.