Wednesday, April 10, 2019

San Diego Police

Mrs. Bunkermeister is from San Diego so when I saw this, I had to get it.

This is an excellent model.

I like the markings on the door and the front fender, very well done.

It's also a great looking vehicle.

California has some great looking police vehicles.

The markings on the door are classic San Diego.

Nice push bumper on the front.  The light bar is great too, often these days, they use a clear light element with colored bulbs.

I use several of the Caesar Miniatures sets as police special weapons teams.

They travel in four men in a vehicle.

And deploy rapidly to crush crime!


Bob G. said...

Matchbox seems to be getting back into their "groove" when it comes to decent representations of various vehicles.
Good to see that.
(now, if ONLY RoCo would FIND their groove once again and start making their line of miniatures)

Carry on.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Yes, Roco should have made vehicles that wargamers would have wanted, not making esoteric German modern army vehicles that no one outside of Germany wanted.