Sunday, April 14, 2019

North Koreans

IMEX makes one set of North Korean and one set of Communist Chinese troops for the Korean War.

I have been trimming them off the sprue.

And has been trimming the plastic, and gluing the mortars and machine guns together.

They also got a few conversions.

These are the special troops I was working on, the regular infantry are in their box and the wounded / dead guys are in the spares box.

One of the sets comes with a Japanese heavy machine gun, many were left over in Korea after World War Two ended.

You don't get much of a machine gun crew, just the gunner, so I added a seated guy, probably wounded, as the loader and a kneeling man with binoculars.  Four of the Japanese machine guns I "transferred" to my WWI American army as they used the Hotchkiss machine gun which was the basis for the Japanese gun.  In exchange, I gave the North Koreans four Esci WWII Soviet machine guns.

The North Korean come with great 82mm mortars but I wanted to increase their firepower, so I added a Pegasus 120mm Soviet mortar.  I converted some figures as a scratch crew for them.  The arms and mortar shells left over from the Pegasus set were added to "wounded" North Koreans.  I still gotta come up with three more 120mm mortars.

Each battery of four mortars got one man with binoculars as a forward observer, and a small ammo supply dump.


moneybagzz said...

Are you aware of any manufacturers who produce modern North Korean infantry?

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

I would use modern Russian, several companies make them.