Friday, February 1, 2019


Kneeling firing, with an M1 rifle.

Like the rest of the set, he has the full field pack.

About the same size as the Tim Mee figure but the Tim Mee figure has better posture.

BMC Iwo Jima figure, with the M1 bazooka.  The bazooka is a separate piece and it fits very snug.

Good figure, with full pack.

About the same size, but the Tim Mee figure has an M20 Super Bazooka and the BMC figure has an M1 Bazooka.  M20 was designed in WWII but not fielded until the Korean War.


Bob G. said...

You're right about the field packs...nice touch.
The Tim-Mee kneeling figure wins this round as far as posture goes (and the sniper rifle is col).
The BMC marine looks as though he JUST fired and hasn't set back up for a followup shot.
Good to see a bazooka man with a sidearm, too.
Still...Well detailed.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, the Tim-Mee guys are very posture aware.