Friday, February 1, 2019

Unusual Troop Types

One of my favorite books is the Military Uniforms in America, The Modern Era From 1868, from the Series Produced by The Company of Military Historians. Presidio Press, 1988.  It is one of a series of books that describe and paint the uniforms of North America, primarily the United States, in various time periods.  I am now using this book to try and recreate some of these uniforms in miniature.  These are four units I am hoping to create.

My intention is to take soft plastic figures that are similar to these and with head swaps, and other plastic surgery, as needed, and maybe even a little paint, to create these units.  At least good enough quality to pass the arm's reach test.  That is, they look good enough from arm's reach.

My plan is to give me soldiers that will work for 1898, 1918, and 1938 periods.  I am trying to develop US Army troops for each of those time periods to fight invaders into the Continental United States.  Those invaders could be Indians, Mexicans, Spanish, English, Canadians, Germans, or of course, Martians.

My intention is to use regular troops in standard uniforms, but to add a few of these troops to create a headquarters unit that will be in the dress uniform.  These troops will be a squad of a dozen, or perhaps two squads.  Depending on the difficulty of the conversion needed, I may create as many as a full platoon, maybe to include a few mounted troops.

I like to include unusual troop types in my units.  Often I give them special abilities, perhaps better morale, or better marksmanship, or sometimes worse abilities than the norm, just mix things up a bit.  If you have any suggestions for soft plastic figures that can be easily converted into any of these troops, please note them in the comments.

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