Saturday, February 24, 2018

Galaxy Laser Team

Galaxy Laser Team is a versatile set.

It's not designed from any major science fiction franchise so the figures don't have the baggage of being the good guy, or the monster, or the one that can fly.

Yet they are similar to characters from several TV shows and movies so they have a familiar look to them.

I also like that several of them can be used for multiple scales.

I have used the square robot for 60mm, 54mm, and also 1/87 and 1/72nd scales.

Lobster Turtle also works for a variety of scales.

The two rather generic astronauts work as nearly anyone in a space suit, but I usually use them as people who can't breath regular Earth air.  I had these figures when they first came out decades ago, but they disappeared.  I have since gotten them from Victory Buy, in several color combinations. 

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