Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Over the decades I have purchased a lot of MPC vehicles and figures, often when buying a collection I would get one or more white ones. Not much use for them in Southern California.  But now, Snow Vehicles.  This top photo reminds me of those photos from Life Magazine where they documented construction of the DEW Line.  They often liked to include an American flag.

So here is an M8A1 cargo carrier with a flag, followed by an cargo carrier, in Arctic white camouflage. 

Proudly displaying the flag of our country in the Arctic vastness of Alaska.

Plowing though the snow.

Keeping us safe from Communist aggression.


Martin Cordova said...

The 2nd pic is so good

Mike Creek said...

This winter is the first time I have played in snow since I was a child, about 50 years ago. Thanks for reading Martin.