Wednesday, February 21, 2018


After my recent move to Kentucky, long term residents tell me this is the worst winter in perhaps decades.  We are staying in an apartment until we have a house ready for us.  The vast majority of the collection is in climate controlled secure storage.

We got a couple inches of snow, followed by a couple inches of snow.

They did a great job of shoveling the walks and driveway.

It got down to 1 degree F.

So we just spent four full days in the house.


Bob G. said...

Yeah, this weather seems to be indicative of the Midwest (I'm originally from Philly, and we used to get our share on the east coast)
I've seen similar weather over the decades since moving in IN, but not all this crazy stuff and certainly not seemingly all at once.

Stay safe out there.

Mike Creek said...

Scottsville,KY,we got one day of snow and it lasted about two days. They say that's about all we get here.

It was just enough for a few photos.