Sunday, January 17, 2016

PT Boat

A re-cast patrol torpedo boat by MPC.

A re-cast is made using the original molds to re-create a model that is typically long out of production.

Re-casts are often molded in different colors to distinguish them from the originals.

Sometimes, but not in this case, they may not have all the associated parts that the original contained.

The MPC PT boat is fully equipped. 


Bob G. said...

I've thought about getting one of these for some time.
It is a bit pricey at around $16 - used to go for like $2.49 if memory serves
I USED to have TWO of the original ones a LONG time ago (molded in metallic blue and white) and they were AWESOME back then.
And it does look like ALL the accessories are there (except those small rubber bands to "shoot" the torpedoes

While I'm not keen on this "particular" color arrangement, it IS still a nice boat (the best that MPC made).

Carry on.

Bob G. said...

Well, the recast USED to be in the $16 range.
I just checked...up to $30 now, and limited quantities.