Monday, January 18, 2016

Motor Torpedo Boat

The model just snaps together.

I had one as a kid 55 years ago and this is just like I remember it.

This recent purchase arrived nicely packaged up in little plastic bags.

There was no flash on the model, pretty good for a 55 year old kit.

Props just slide right on.


Rodger said...


Mike Creek said...

Thanks Roger. But there's more cool coming.

Bob G. said...

Nice to see that the recast was well done...even if they didn't use the original colors.
I would have liked to see the guns,deck lid, props and mast molded in silver (or grey), the hull is okay in dark green,and the torpedoes, rails and searchlight in white.
Just a personal preference.
Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

You are right G, I would have liked other colors too, but then I could always paint it.