Friday, January 1, 2016

Nazi German Jets

In late WWII the Germans were experimenting with jets that were essentially a big engine.

They had swept back wings and a few guns.

The idea was to be very fast and shoot down large airplanes like the B17.

This Matchbox plane looks a bit like them.

Once stripped and repainted they will look even more like them.


shotgun6 said...

This is a pretty cool little piece; really interested in seeing how it looks after you do your repaint!

Mike Creek said...

Me too! I may get getting to that this week, I think taking apart Matchbox vehicles and stripping paint is coming up in the rotation.

banzai55 said...

It suddenly struck me where I had seen this design before! It's a bass plug ("popper" lure for large mouth bass!) minus the hooks and streamers, with wings and tail fins attached!

Mike Creek said...

Germans love bass fishing.