Friday, January 15, 2016

Flying High

Put together a few planes recently.

I put a small loop on the top of the plane at the balance point.

I use a length of wire or a TV antenna to hold the planes up.

This way they can fly over the wargame table without having to have a base on the table.

Planes can fly at various altitudes for different missions.

Very high for recon, high for four engine bombers, medium for medium bombers, and low for parachuting and strafing.

This is the kind of wire mesh used for concrete work.

Affix it just below the ceiling for aircraft to fly above the wargame table.


Bob G. said...

Looks like you have an Electra and DC-3 there...nicely done.
That wire grid is a great idea, especially for you a defined area of positioning over the game table.
Quite novel.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, G you called it. The Electra is due for Miss. Erhart and the DC3 will be a WWII era SwissAir plane.
The grid is a great idea, and if you use netting and an EZ-UP you can take it to conventions.

Rodger said...

Awesome idea! Great stuff.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Roger. I have posted 7 years of great idea, 10,000 photos on this blog. Check out some of the older posts and see for yourself. Thanks for reading.