Saturday, November 2, 2013

TootsieToy Lee

After three years of searching and working, I am nearly done with this project.

This is the Tootsietoy Lee tank, in a new paint job.

The holes repaired, seams patched, ridges filed down and ready for action.

I also added the cupola machine gun with a bit of wire and a dollop of glue on the end as the flash suppressor.

Here is the tank with a 1/72nd scale US Army soldier from Italeri.  Not a bad size match.

I plan on using these as heavy tanks with a 105 howitzer in the nose.  Something the real M3 Lee did not have.  These tanks are also much larger than a HO scale Lee but about the same size as an M6 heavy tank.  So in my alternate universe, these are heavy tanks that saw combat alongside the Lee series of tanks.


Tsold9000 said...

Who are they going to fight in your alternate universe?

Mike Creek said...

Nazis, giant ants, Martians, any number of potential enemies. Probably get PAeL Automaton crews.