Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dollar Tree Buildings

I stopped by Dollar Tree the other day and picked up a small town, for only a buck a building.

Shown here with some of my 1/72nd scale Italeri and Battle Dice figures for scale.  The buildings are about HO scale.

This year most of the buildings are commercial, rather than residential.

The snow can be painted over in green for grass, or brown for dirt, it works fine even on the roofs.

Only two churches this year, while I like churches, they have often been in too high a ratio to other buildings.

The signs can be changed to something else if you don't need a townhall or other building.

This year I only got one of each of the buildings.

They were all so unique that they did not lend themselves to multiple purchases.

None of them looked much like row houses, or cookie cutter tract homes.


Paul´s Bods said...

They look ok. The same type of buildings cost at least 5 timers as much herer.

Sean said...

Nice looking town. Seems like a good match with the figures.

Mike Creek said...

I have seen similar, even identical buildings for as much as $4 each, so Dollar Tree is a good value.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Sean. This years buildings seem a tad smaller than last years. They probably would be perfect for HO or 15mm, but I prefer a slightly smaller building so they work fine for me.