Saturday, November 16, 2013

Caesar vs Airfix!

Caesar Miniatures had done a set of 1/72nd scale Astronauts.  How do they compare to the 40 year old set released by Airfix?

Caesar Miniatures on the left and a 40 year old Airfix figure, painted silver, on the right.

The two figures are not all that different.

The Airfix guys come with a separate backpack.  The arms are out away from the body too.

Given how much time has been past, the Airfix set has held up pretty well.


Sam Wise said...

Interesting comparison !
In fact, I'm not sure that the Modern Caesar are better than the old Airfix...
(sounds a little like "Caesar vs Asterix !)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice comparison!

Harrys Wargaming Blog said...

You could paint them up as secret Nazi scientists and play a wargame on the moon! Nice review.
Regards Harry

Mike Creek said...

Caesar vs Asterix, I like that!
Airfix made some excellent sets that hold up well today. I think their 1973 Afrika Korps may be the best set in soft plastic, ever.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Geordie, I like to see how far we have travelled on the soft plastic road and sometimes it's not that far.

Mike Creek said...

Nazi's on the moon? I like the way you think man.