Sunday, November 3, 2013


These tanks were in rough shape when I got them.

That's the key to buying these tanks is to buy them in poor condition.

The collectors want pristine and original ones.  I was able to strip the paint, prime them and replace missing wheels with no problem

A trip to Wal-Mart and I got a $1 can of flat white primer spray paint and a $4 can of camouflage paint from Rustoleum.

Deep Forest Green is very close to olive drab from Testors, and I like it a lot.  Both cans of paint went on smooth with no problems, just like the most expensive hobby spray paints.

Five tanks, all lined up and ready to go with a couple 1/72nd scale figures for size.


EY said...

Nice restoration job. With the art deco look, and extra hull gun, I guess they would be Super Lees rather than plain Lees though.

Mike Creek said...

Super Lee, I like that. Thanks for reading.

Harrys Wargaming Blog said...

Cool, will they be fighting in normandy?

Mike Creek said...

The Super Lee fought in North Africa, Italy, Normandy, Southern France, and all the way into Germany. Also in the Pacific with the Army.