Thursday, November 3, 2011


Airfix, HaT, Emhar/Imex, and HaT again.

The biggest advantage of the HaT sets is the variety of weapons. Here a standing BAR gunner.
Note the BAR ammo pouches.

Emhar, Airfix and HaT officers.

A variety of weapons from HaT, 37mm one pounder gun, Lewis gunner, Colt/Marlin machine gun, and Vickers gun all used by the US Army in WWI. The big item is the 6 inch Newton mortar.

The blue figure is a French Officer from the HaT WWI Eary War French. The French provided a lot of military assistance to the USA in WWI. They even sent troops to North America to train American troops. This figure remindes me of a character in a Combat! TV episode where a retired WWI French general assisted the squad in fighting the Germans. He serves with my WWI Americans as an advisor.

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