Sunday, November 6, 2011

HaT WWII Americans

The new HaT WWII American tank riders, these two part figures come with a choice of Thompson or Grease gun.

No flash, perfect figures.

Two partial figures for mounting inside the turret. BAR man and bazooka man with loader. The loader has the extra projectiles. Everyone has a carbine, no M-1 rifles.

The figures will work from about 1944 to 1954 as US Army troops. I would like the same guy to sculpt a similar set of just a squad of infantry. I would buy a ton.


Chris said...

What glue did you use on these tank rider figures? I understand that these HaT sets do not take styrene cement like some of their other soft plastic sets.


Bunkermeister said...

I experiment on the spure to be sure the figures will take glue. HaT uses a variety of plastics so you never can be sure. These were glued with Goo, a sort of rubber cement.