Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wagons Ho!

I have been going over my book collection and prowling the Internet to find photos of WWII German wagons. I wanted to see what conversion and detail possibilities there are for the new HaT WWII German Wagons. Here is what I discovered:

HF wagons with and without spare wheels on the back end

HF wagons being towed by 2 humpy camels

HF wagons in grey and in camouflage

HF wagons with camouflage canvas

HF wagons with improvised solid roofs, made of wood

HF wagons with 2 or 4 or 6 all with or light grey horse teams

HF wagons with improvised seats

HF wagons towing 37mm ATG

HF wagons towed by oxen, camels, mules, donkeys, horses, ponies

HF wagons and HF7 wagons with Red Cross on them

HF wagons displaying the German national cross on the sides

HF wagons commonly carry a bucket on the side of the wagon

HF wagons piled high with hay so teamster rides on pile of hay

Lots of opportunities to do conversions of the HaT wagons and I am looking forward to getting a bunch of them.

Not HaT

Lots of machine gun wagons. There was a two wagon combination that held two machine guns in a combination, they appear much more common than I expected.

Artillery wagons with up to 14 & 18 horse teams

Limber wagons with 2 of the limber wagons together, Revell type

Large numbers of HF-7 wagons

2 & 4 wheel wagons with essentially sticks on each side of a barrel with the barrel as the body of the wagon barrel is made of wood

British Napoleonic HaT Rocket Wagons in use by Germans with 1 horse

75mm stumpf being towed by horses

Hearse wagon in use as hearse

Plenty of work for the work horses to do!


peter said...

Looking forward to what you will make of it!

Looks like a great challenge!


Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Peter.