Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Old Airfix vs new HaT WWI Canadian Infantry.

The Canadian infantry are essentially British infantry. The US Army also used British uniforms, kit and weapons, so I use the Canadians as US Army.

Airfix Americans with Imex / Emhar US Army in tan.

The US Army essentially never did wear the Montana Peak Hat in combat. The Airfix set is essentially US Army in training in France set. The Emhar / Imex set is better but the Airfix set holds up surprisingly well considering its almost 50 years old. The real let down with the Airfix set is the weapons, they are essentially just sticks. Note also how this mans foot sinks into the base.

The weakest figure in the Airfix set is the officer, the Emhar / Imex officer is much better.


lrqan said...

I've painted up the Airfix ones and I have a pack of Emhar to do. I'm utilising National Guard types and the latter will be regular troops my 'I Zombie' games. The Montana hat seperates them nicely.But I do like the sculpture of the none Airfix figures.

Bunkermeister said...

US horse cav used the Montana Peak hat and you could make some with British WWI Cav and Airfix heads.

Shadrach said...

Thanks for posting these—I have the Airfix and Emhar and it nice to see the scale and 'chunkiness' of them side by side.

This is probably an anathema to modelers but I paint my Americans and British in the same colors—uniforms, helmets, kit, etc. and basically mix them all together to create a larger 'British Army' or 'US Army' depending on what I want.

And Airfix with Eighth Army helmets (I have some) look really good! I'll post some one day.

Bunkermeister said...

The sets are close enough to mix IMHO particularly if they were painted and based the same.