Monday, January 31, 2011

Caesar Miniatures WWII German Panzer Crews

1/72nd scale Caesar Panzer Crews. This dismounted troop is firing his machine gun. The older style machine gun was retained for tanks because the round barrel was better for bow machine guns. As you can see he is firing over the front end of a 1/87th scale Roco conversion of a Panzer III munitions carrier.

Apart from the MG man most in this set are relaxed. The officer here is taking a break.

The Roco Stug III with a tired crewman at the end of the barrel. You have to click on the picture for the large size version of the picture to enjoy the character in these guys.

This pair would fit next to a tank, in the hatch or inside an armored artillery gun like a Wespe.

This is the most unique soldier in the group. He is the tank commander half figure. But wait theres more. Tune in morrow to find out what more!


Paul´s Bods said...

It's good that finally someone has produced a set of "soft" plastic tank crew. These and the tank riders from hat will make a good combination.
Thanks for the article and I'll tune in tomorrow for part two.

Bob G. said...

Those Caesar figures are fantastic!
Lots of character, as you said.

Good to see some TANK crewmen for a change.

Carry on.

Karcuss said...

Yes part two !!!
They look 99 per cent
very Clean mold

Numbers and doubles (30? 3 of each and special)

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Set size is small with only about 20 figures per set, generally two of each pose.

Karcuss said...

But they are very crisp

thanks Bunker


Bunkermeister said...

They are nice figures and as usual they fit well with other Caesar figures.