Sunday, January 30, 2011

Orion AA Gun

I am working on the Orion Soviet heavy AA machine gun in 1/72nd scale soft plastic.

The kit needs to have the center disc drilled out to accommodate the legs. Once that is done I coat all the pieces with Bestine N-Heptane.

I drilled out a big trio of holes into a .80 piece of plastic. Using Zap-A-Gap CA+ glue I glued the legs to the center disc. Then I glued the bottom of the legs into the holes using epoxy. The tripods were held in place by the weight of various tools. I then glued the AA gun, ammo box and gunner with triggers on the base and machine gun tripod.

These products are sold in hobby shops and art supply stores. The heptane prepares the surface of the plastic for the CA glue.

I put a drop of each part of the epoxy on the tiny stamp size bit of aluminum foil for mixing. A toothpick is for mixing the glue. I use the round toothpicks because they are stronger than flat ones and they allow you to roll the toothpick between my fingers to help distribute the glue.


The Belgian, said...

Nice I'm eagerly waiting for an european shop that sells them! I especially love the other version with the 4 maxim guns.

John Lambshead said...

I have not come across the bestine method. I wonder if we can get something similar in England.