Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Italeri German Paratroopers, WWII

Caesar Miniatures broke the terrible, dreaded curse of the 1/72nd scale German paratroopers. Italeri can now make 1/72nd scale German WWII paratroopers and not have the sets be terrible since the spell is broken.

The set has three identical sprues of figures in semi-hard soft plastic. The mortar bipod and the back pack radio need to be glued to the figures but that's the only assembly. These guys are in tropical uniform and are good for Africa, Sicily, and southern Russia.

The figures are flash free and have excellent detail.

All the figures are pretty good, but I don't care for the looking right, pointing the gun to the left pose. Always look in the direction your gun is pointed, or always point your gun in the direction you are looking.

This close up shows the fine detail of the figures. More pics of them soon.


Karcuss said...

they look good but there are some which are direct copies even if they are fresh sculpts of early DML 1/35 (6605 as a start) figures (box art)(I have them on my Blog somewhere), The radio would be better as a two man crew as the batteries
etc was a two piece affair.

But will be buying them as they arew good and it is all on the painting, But get sick of the focus on the MTO etc but it is an Italian Company

vheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

The radio should be two guys, but I figure I will just cut the antenna off of half of them and instant battery guy.