Thursday, January 20, 2011


Assembled photos of the prototype for the new HaT WWII wagon.

The horses are a bit on the small size, but as you can see from the photos they are certainly usable.

HaT 1/72nd scale World War I wagon.

Same horses as on the WWII wagon. Not bad, but a little small. Since they are prototypes the production horses may be larger.

I would buy 50 of them just like this and maybe swap out a few of the horses with other horses from other sets. I don't mind having a variety of different horse types in the collection.


easternfunker said...

They do look good and I'm tempted to purchase, but I have companies of infantry who are far closer to the front of the queue and rightfully demanding priority...

Bunkermeister said...

IF they are demanding priority in supply, they need wagons. Actually these are not for sale yet, they are prototype versions. Give you some time to save up.