Friday, December 3, 2010

Tin Soldier Pershings

HO 1/87th scale Pershing tank by Reviresco at . They are soft metal.

Like the Paul Heiser Pershing they only have a few arts, hull, left and right tracks, turret, mantlet and gun and hatch, machine gun and tarps.

Not better nor worse than the Paul Heier Model, just different.

These metal kits have a bow machine gun molded on and the tarps are extras that the PHM does not give you.

The turret mounted mg is not great, but not bad. The barrel is a bit hard to glue on but I used superglue to hold it and then the epoxy for greater strength and it works fine. I have about three dozen in my collection. All together I have a full battalion with HQ and howitzers and one extra.

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