Thursday, December 2, 2010

PHM Pershing HO

Paul Heiser Models 1/87th scale M-26 Pershing tank. US Army, WWII and Korea.

This all resin kit is hull, two tracks, turret, gun, hatch, extra tracks, and some bits of kit.

Track detail is great, and there are no sand shields on the hull sides.

This is the 105mm howitzer version, only difference is the short, stubb barrel. One per company.

A very nice pair of vehicle. I have three howitzers for a battalion and enough Pershings for a company. Prime the resin and it paints like any other plastic model. Use 5 minute epoxy to assemble, takes about an hour to do one.


Karcuss said...

So this being the same ex WWII
as a 105 here and there, and three
up at Battalion.
They look cool But i am a 1/72 man so will be the Trumpeter and your Pals at Pegasus getting my Money

cheers karcuss

Karcuss said...

meaning the 3 x 5 tank platoon and 2 HQ with the support tank.

I at 1/300 have them as replacement platoons for Shermans similar with M-24s